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Event Staffing

Whether you’re having a party at your home, the office, a clubhouse or a park – it makes it so much nicer when you have someone serving the beverages and/or serving the food. Avoid the clutter and mess of people ‘helping themselves’ – not to mention the waste.

Consider having a bartender or food server or ‘general party assistant’. Details below.

Bartending Service

  • Bartenders add a level of class to your party, not to mention they can make it more lively and fun.
  • It’s nice for guests to simply order what they like and be served – we all like to be served! And Events By Priscilla bartenders are very affordable, $120 to $180, depending on event details. Setup, breakdown, and cleaning services also available.

Food Service

  • You can have someone actually pass hors douvres and desserts, or have them pass glasses of wine or champagne.
  • You can have someone stand at your food table and serve people, buffet style.
  • Or you can simply have someone keep an eye on the food table(s), filling things as needed, cleaning up messes,refreshing plates and bowls and keeping food coming!
  • Price ranges from just $125 to $175 depending on several factors including length of shift. Setup, breakdown, and cleaning services also available.

General Assistant

  • Having a party or event and just need an extra hand? An event assistant can do any or all of the below:
  • Arrive early and help decorate.
  • Arrive early and help with food preparation.
  • Arrive early and help with arrangement of tables, chairs, furniture.
  • Set up and prepare the bar/beverage area.
  • Set up and prepare the food / meal area.
  • Greet guests as they arrive.
  • Take coats and handbags.
  • Pickup trash throughout the event.
  • Keep food and beverage areas neat, and replenished.
  • Watch children while adults enjoy the party.
  • Pack up food and leftovers when event is over.
  • Handle the playing of CDs and music. And more!
  • Price ranges from $145 to $175 for 4 hours, depending on the location and type of event.
  • Plus they will provide 30 minutes of setup or cleanup at no additional fee.

Just contact us to inquire about your event needs. Our food and beverage servers are friendly and helpful, and will provide great service – with a big smile!


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