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Hello! I’m Priscilla Speicher, and I love making wonderful events happen! I’m creative and artistic, and have an eye for detail. I have been planning both business and personal events for two decades, and have created more than 100 fabulous weddings as of 2016!

My career experience includes not only event planning, but marketing and promotion, as well as many years in the hospitality industry. Food and beverage are very important to me, as are all the details and elements that I carefully select for your event.

I’m happy to provide references, or to send you a copy of my resume’. Here are a few reasons to call my company:


  • 25+ years of experience in marketing, promotion, events and hospitality (food & bar service, event set-up, banquets, hotels)
  • Complete dedication to your goal - to your vision of the event and what you wish to accomplish
  • Commitment to affordability – we guarantee you won’t go over your budget, and don’t work with any vendors who ‘mark up’ rates just for weddings
  • The knowledge and experience to help you avoid common mistakes and pitfalls
  • Discounted pricing on food, beverage and all aspects of the event because of Priscilla's relationships with vendors - saving you 15% to 40% off market prices
  • Outstanding knowledge of wedding and event sites throughout South Florida, including many uncommon/unadvertised venues
  • An unequalled level of enthusiasm and energy applied to your event
  • Huge time savings! You’ll save countless hours (and headaches) because I’ve already indentified the best vendors, already negotiated the lowest prices…
    And can assure that all your elements will be high quality at the best price you’ll find. I ENCOURAGE YOU TO COMPARE PRICING on all elements!
  • Creative, ingenious thinking that results in special touches, unique concepts, surprises for your guests, and your total satisfaction!
  • Flexibility! Priscilla can plan and take care of as many – or as few – details as you like! And adjusts her pricing to fit your needs.

NOTE: Partial and full event planning is available starting at just $200!

For any questions and queries, feel free to Contact Us